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5 Gifts To Get For High Speed Internet Users
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What gifts do you get for someone that has it all? If teddy bears and leather belts seem a little generic, it’s time to think bigger.

With the recent nationwide reductions in prices and rise in broadband speeds, has your giftee jumped on the high-speed broadband train? Get them an awesome gift that helps them take full advantage of their new super-fast Internet speeds. Here’s our wishlist to help get you started.

Ergonomic chair

Whether for work or play, we’re usually seated for long hours when we’re using the net. Couple that with bad sitting posture and it’s no surprise that back pain is one of the most common health complaints these days.

Get them a comfortable ergonomic chair with proper lumbar support and good cushioning for desk work. It might be a bit more costly than a standard plastic folding chair, but their spines will thank you for it! Now they’ll be able to enjoy surfing, playing and working online for longer in supreme comfort.

Smart TV

When you’ve got high-speed Internet, streaming HD videos on demand is no longer just a dream. If you’re feeling really generous, help your giftee make the most of their connection with a widescreen smart TV!

HDMI and Chromecast capabilities are common with such TVs these days. These enable people to stream their favourite videos and shows straight from their device in full HD quality. No more having to watch videos on a tiny mobile screen propped up against a book. Bring on the binge sessions!

Video games console

Game creators have worked hard to make gaming a more immersive experience. Story, graphic and gameplay quality have improved so much over the years that well-made games are now real works of art.

With customisable controllers and console-only game titles, video game consoles provide a completely different gameplay experience. They now also offer online multiplayer functionality and can double as movie players! For gamers that don’t subscribe to the ‘PC master race’ philosophy, this will be the perfect gift.

Netflix subscription

Is the person you’re trying to buy a gift for a big fan of watching movies and series? Do they tend to download their shows from suspicious sites with a ton of ads or hunt for sliced up episodes on YouTube to watch?

Save them the effort and get them a subscription to a streaming service site such as Netflix. They’ll have hundreds of shows to choose from over all their favourite genres, and their high-speed Internet means streaming straight to their device is a breeze. Bonus: invite yourself over for movie night and bring popcorn!


Audiophiles are serious about their music quality – no cheap earbuds will do for them. They want clear, crisp audio that properly conveys every note and beat of the music they listen to, immersing themselves fully into the experience.

If your giftee falls into this category, then consider getting them some good noise-cancelling headphones for maximum enjoyment of their favourite tunes while they work or play. Or how about stereo speakers for their very own home theatre? It’ll be music to their ears – quite literally!

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