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5 Ways To Have Fun With Tech
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1.GO 360

Capturing 360 degree photos on a purpose-built camera is something many would like to do but few can afford. Thankfully, apps like Google’s Street View mean less of us miss out on the immersive experience. Get to snappin’ and capture reality in an interactive way, then share your shots with your friends online. Let them explore a new place or be in the crazy crowd at a concert and they’ll be drawn in like kids to an ice cream parlour!

2.Ambitious desktop

One of the world’s first-ever 3D scanning PCs, HP Sprout, can digitally render a toy Lego quicker than it takes to order a burger. The improved HP Sprout Pro G2 comes with a sharper display and even better projector, cameras and Touch Mat – its second display. Among the many cool things it can do is scan 3D objects you place on or above the mat, letting you manipulate your model on either one of the machine’s displays. If you’re anything like us, we bet you cannot wait for it to hit the Malaysian market!

3.Power your shower

Few things are better than a good shower to wake you up each morning. Thanks to Moen’s new smart shower system, gone are the days of you quivering in the bathroom waiting for the water to heat up. The system connects to an app and lets you programme up to 12 settings – a warm shower for early mornings, a cold one post-workout, and everything in between. Get your shower going remotely via your smartphone and have the perfect one waiting for you as soon as you step in!


Online shopping affords the shopaholic in you a world of conveniences. The flipside? You don’t get to feel that little black dress you’re dying to get your hands on. Thanks to Tanvas Touch, you don’t only get to shop for your new wardrobe on your iPad, you also get to feel the clothes you’re about to buy. Its surface haptics technology lets you feel you the difference between silk, rayon or even grass as you run your fingers across your screen. Cool, huh?


If you’re looking to learn something new or find a hack to make your life a whole lot easier, you’ve got to check out Video Jug. There are over 60,000 how-to videos on every topic imaginable – from tasty recipes to the greatest kept beauty tips and tricks. On top of some great how-tos, you’ll find trending videos from around the web. Start cracking about how to make Baby Groot cupcakes, DIY medicine balls and a ton of other cool stuff. (Image credit : Videojug)

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