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5 Ways The Internet Makes Travelling Awesome
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It’s an indisputable fact that the Internet is now indispensable in our everyday lives, but it doesn’t stop there. Internet access is synonymous with access to speed, convenience and information, which has had a great impact on the way we travel.

From helping you get the best deals on flights and accommodation to connecting you while on-the-go, the Internet has become a lifesaver for travellers and holidaymakers. Here’s why!

1. You get the best travel deals

The Internet makes it so easy to stay updated with travel promotions and accommodation deals, especially if you subscribe to newsletters or follow the Facebook pages of airlines and hotels. Plus, there are multiple websites that help you compare prices across the board to find great value-for-money offers.

It’s common now to see airlines launch flash sales with zero-fare tickets or hotels offer last-minute promotional rates, but these deals are usually snapped up very quickly. That’s where those on high-speed fibre broadband have an advantage – no long page loading times to ensure you get your cheap deals!

2. You get insider opinions on the best places to eat and visit

The last thing you want when you visit a new place is to waste time and money on a bad experience. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy enough for you to do your research beforehand – and even while you’re there – to find useful reviews from locals and fellow travellers on what to do, see and eat.

All the information is at the tips of your fingers and most of it can be found on travel review websites such as TripAdvisor. That vault of information can be invaluable, especially if it’s a completely new culture and language, so don’t skimp on doing your homework. It could save you from missing out on new experiences or getting caught in tourist traps.

3. It helps you plan smarter

You’re using the Internet to book your tickets and stays, plus researching places to visit and eat – so it makes sense that your planning should be done online as well. You can build custom Google Maps to plan your route, put together trip itineraries on Google Sheets, download e-tickets for public transportation and more.

Like review and comparison sites, there are entire websites built for the sole purpose of helping you plan your trip itinerary – you can add your flights, accommodation, food, attractions and so on.

Some websites will even suggest things for you to try based on your location and interests. They usually synchronise with their own mobile app so you can take your itinerary on-the-go!

4. It keeps you connected

Travelling is fun, but being able to stay in touch with your friends and family back home is important too so they know where you are and what you’ve been up to. If you have a fast and secure Internet connection, such as in a hotel, you can call them via applications such as Skype, Discord, Whatsapp and Facetime.

It doesn’t just stop at voice chatting either. A good connection easily supports video calling, so you can show them around your immediate surroundings and let them see what you see. It’s not quite the same as being there in person, but it’s the next best thing!

5. super-fast vacation photo uploads

You take hundreds – maybe thousands – of photos and videos while you’re on vacation, but it can be an awful chore to sort through, upload and caption them all once the holiday euphoria wears off and you’re back to the daily grind. Especially if you’re stuck waiting for them to upload slowly in tiny batches!

Happily, uploading all your trip memories takes no time at all on a good Internet connection, which is great motivation to get your editing and uploading done quickly! Then you can share your gorgeous pictures with your friends and loved ones as you regale them with tales of your adventures.

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