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7 Ways You Unknowingly Ruin Your WiFi Experience
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You’re streaming the movie you’ve been waiting ages to watch and at the most dramatic part – the big twist, the scandalous revelation, the senseless humour – the scene freezes to buffer. Talk about a major let down! We’ve all been there, and at desperate times hopping onto a neighbour’s unsecured WiFi network sounds legit. But before you resort to holding your device above your head until your arms are on fire, check out how you might be ruining your WiFi experience.

1.You placed your router in a bad spot

Finding the sweet spot for your router means you get to enjoy a much stronger WiFi signal. Don’t tuck it in a cabinet, keep it away from windows and aquariums, and remember that other wireless appliances in your home also affect your WiFi signal strength. Place your router at the greatest possible distance from these objects. If you’ve got no choice but to place your router close by, find a less congested wireless channel.

2.You haven’t been measuring your signal strength

Are you getting all that you can from your router? How do you know? If you’re not getting the same range or throughput you’re used to, download a WiFi analyser app that shows you the WiFi signal strength throughout your home, optimum router placement and the current channel your router is operating on. These will give an idea of what you should do next in terms of your router settings.
Here’s a tip: To help extend coverage to rooms farthest away from your router, you can consider investing in a Powerline WiFi Extender.

3.You’re using an ancient router

If you’re looking for an edge in speed but your router’s close to extinct, it might be time invest in a brand new one. For supercharged WiFi performance, get one that’s compatible with the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard. These are also usually dual-band – use the 5GHz frequency band when you’re close to your router and switch to 2.4GHz when you’re further away. A little network magic may actually get your emails sent, websites loaded, and videos streamed.

For supercharged WiFi performance, get one that’s compatible with the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard.

4.Your antennae are pointed up like rabbit ears

Get them pointing in different directions, one vertically and the other horizontally so you’re broadcasting your WiFi signal to cover a wider area. Doing this will give you a better shot at a stable WiFi connection.

5.You rely on old hardware

If you are running on old hardware, it’s time to ditch the computer you purchased five years ago simply because it cannot deliver the performance you expect anymore. The RAM, once obsolete, cannot be upgraded and the older cables used can result in slow data transfers or cause data loss. Once you’ve invested in a spunky new device you won’t be plagued by slow speeds.

6. You can’t remember the last time your firmware was battle-tested

We all know how time consuming it can be to run firmware updates, but, when you are using an older router, those updates can ensure your software runs smoothly and efficiently. Every router is different, but usually, they have a similar process for upgrading the router’s firmware. Check your router manufacturer’s website for specific instructions for your make and model to download and install the firmware. It’s that simple!

7.You are kind to WiFi thieves

You switch on Netflix and the video gets super fuzzy. How could that happen? Perhaps, you shared your WiFi password to too many people when you hosted a party, or someone is just pretty good at hacking. It’s best to reset the password every once in a while to protect your network from prying eyes.

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