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My Failed Relationship With My 4G Connection
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When I first subscribed to my 4G plan, I never knew that I could exhaust my quota in just one day and that my speed gets downgraded to a crawl. Luckily, I have a fixed broadband connection to count on for steady speed and unlimited downloads without a hitch. I don’t need to say a little prayer before an important video conference, hitting the music during parties or snuggling-up for a movie marathon.

4G subscribers tend to stay online longer, thereby increasing their data usage.Users also tend to install lots of apps on their devices and most of these are “chatty” – they interact with servers at regular intervals to look for updates and notifications, further increasing the amount of data being used and exhausting quota quickly.

Chatty' apps interact with servers at regular intervals increasing the data being used and exhausting quota quickly.


I live in a two-bedroom condominium on the 33rd floor. I get 4G service according to the screen of my phone virtually all day long until I get home. I walk through the front door and my 4G service is reduced to 3G or 2G. There is literally one spot in my home that gets me 4G speeds; the absolute corner of my bedroom. I decided that it’s time to get on the fixed broadband bandwagon. Now, watching movies online, video chatting with my best friend, and gaming online for hours no longer makes me want to pull my hair out.

High- rise buildings are culprits of poor indoor reception, much of which stems from building materials such as wire mesh, electrical cabling, and metals. If there are other multi-storey buildings nearby, they too could be blocking the signal between the mobile towers and your device(s).


Every night before I doze off, I tend to binge on Netflix on my 4G connection. But in the past few days my connection dropped out every single night. Then, I realised that the stability of 4G connection is highly affected during peak hours especially at night. Hence, disconnection and dropouts were plaguing my rapport with 4G. For reliability and consistency, my fixed broadband line came to my rescue. Without the lag, watching a marathon of House of Cards keeps me up all night!

People tend to connect to the Internet all at the same time during peak hours. And because mobile bandwidth is shared between many users (based on the area covered by mobile towers), many users may end up suffering dropouts/latency issues and slow throughput during peak hours.


I live in a big household where everyone is constantly hooked on to the Internet, doing a ton of stuff online all at the same time. Using a 4G line is far from enough for us because our activities consume our bandwidth and consume it fast! For a steadier and more stable line we’ve converted to fixed broadband and now there’s plenty of bandwidth to be shared between the whole lot of us.

While a fixed broadband line is a connection meant to serve individual households, a 4G connection is shared by a large number of users served by a particular mobile tower. In a large household, this can quickly become inconvenient and tiresome.

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