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How Gig-Speed Broadband Could Change Your Life
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When broadband speed in Malaysia passed the 1Mbps threshold over a decade ago, it was a revelation. Now the top speed in Malaysia has increased a thousand times to a whopping 1Gbps and we’re over the moon!

Such a fast Internet connection is bound to affect the way we live and work, especially as our lifestyles become increasingly digital. Here are some of the ways we think that gig-speed broadband could change your lives.

Virtual storage and instant transfers

When you’ve got an Internet connection this powerful, large file transfers can be done in the blink of an eye. That means it’s super fast to share your travel and wedding videos with your loved ones, and it’s also easier to transfer them to and from cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Since you can use cloud storage on-the-go and it has virtually limitless capacity, physical hard drives may soon be a thing of the past. You might find yourself hosting photos, videos, music, important documents, hard drive backups and more all on the cloud in the future.

Connect better

Technology has helped shrink the world and a fast, smooth connection plays a crucial part in that. With gig-speed broadband, you can video call your loved ones in faraway lands without worrying about choppy images or the sound breaking up. It’s enough to even support calling multiple people at once!

Content creators will benefit hugely from this super speed as well. Band members can practice online even if they aren’t in the same place. Chefs can live stream the process of cooking a meal and the audience can follow in real-time. The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy everything in HD

At these speeds, there’s no such thing as a buffering circle and you watch everything in crystal clear resolution. No more agonising between speed or clarity. Stream your favourite 4K movies, TV shows and live sport events on demand for an amazing viewing experience in your own home.

This is good news for all you gamers out there as well. Revel in the beauty of gorgeously detailed textures and backgrounds as you explore the virtual gaming world. Delight in lag-free, split-second reaction times to match your pro skills.

Once virtual reality and augmented reality technologies explode, a high-speed broadband connection will be crucial to enjoying a total immersive experience.

Smart connection, smart home

Iron Man’s super high-tech home might not be a movie fantasy for long. The ability to control some features of your home, like security, has been available for some time. Lately, we’re also beginning to see home automation devices like Alexa and Google Home rise in popularity.

As devices and services become more integrated, you need a super fast and stable connection to form the backbone of your smart home. Get grocery lists sent direct from your fridge. Start running the bath while you’re cooking. Turn the lights on upstairs and turn on some music – all through voice command. Why not?


Why do one thing at a time when you can do it all? Play an intense HD game on your main screen, laugh with your teammates on video call, stream your game to a live audience, and watch a YouTube video on your TV via Chromecast…all at the same time! This scenario already happens now and is made even easier with a great connection.

Best of all, on a gig-speed connection, everyone at home can do all that and more too without interrupting the quality of your service! No more fighting over who gets to download what first – there’s more than enough speed and bandwidth for the whole family.

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