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How To Surf The Internet Without A Mouse
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It’s Friday and you’ve got a whole night of blissful net-surfing ahead of you – except the worst has happened.

Your cursor has gone on strike. No amount of frantic finger-swiping on your touchpad or mouse-rattling will get the white arrow to budge. The service centres are closed, your in-house expert has gone to bed and all you can do is stare at the screen in despair.

Never fear! We’re here to save your browsing (as long as your keyboard is working!). These shortcuts all assume you already have a browser window open and are divided between Windows and Mac unless specified.

Address Bar

Windows Mac
Selecting the address bar Ctrl + L ⌘ (Command) + L
Ctrl + E (selects the bar and opens the search box)
Adding ‘www’ and ‘.com’ to your text in the address bar Type the name of your site, ie time, then Ctrl + Enter to make it www.time.com.

On The Webpage

Windows Mac
Moving between selectable options Tab to move forward, Alt + Tab to go backwards
Selecting an option Enter
Refreshing the page F5 ⌘ + R
Stopping the page from refreshing Escape ⌘ + .
Scrolling up and down Up and Down arrow keys
Page Up and Page Down keys
Holding down the key while pressing either the Up and Down arrow keys
Zooming in or out Ctrl and + or Ctrl and and + or  and –


Windows Mac
Moving between pages Alt + Left Arrow to go back a page and Alt + Right Arrow to go forwards
Moving between tabs Ctrl + Tab to go forwards and Ctrl + Shift + Tab to go backwards
Closing the current tab Ctrl + F4
Reopening the last closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T + Shift + T
Opening your current website in a new tab Alt + Enter
Quickly closing the browser and all tabs Ctrl + Shift + W + Shift + W
Opening the homepage Alt + Home + Home
Opening a new tab Ctrl + T + T
Opening a new screen Ctrl + N

Other Useful Shortcuts

Windows Mac
Displaying the History menu Ctrl + H + Option + 2
Displaying the Downloads list Ctrl + J + Option + L
Finding text on the page Ctrl + F + F
Clearing the browsing history Ctrl + Shift + Delete  
Printing the webpage Ctrl + P + P
Opening a list of recently visited sites Hold down the Back button until you see the list
Switching between active applications Alt + Tab + Tab
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