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Internet Safety For Kids
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Lurkers exist both offline AND online, so it’s very important to be aware of how your kids are using the Internet. Yes, you may know various safe search tools that might help, but you can’t rely completely on that as the Internet is constantly evolving and kids are quick to pick up on technology.

These steps may help you with balancing online freedom with personal safety:

1. practice good communication with your kids

It’s very important to ensure that your kid is able to open up to you whenever they have issues of any sort. So, parents, take the initiative to communicate with your kid. If they feel they can confide in you, they’ll be more comfortable telling you if they face any issues online.

2. privacy is the best policy

Let your kids know how important their personal passwords and details are and why they need to be extra careful not to give them out. Make sure they know not to tell strangers personal details such as full names, passwords, home address, phone number or school name.

3. know who to trust

Kids need to be aware of potential online dangers like viruses in emails and false information online. Let them know not to click strange links or pop-up ads, never to key in any passwords or details, and to come to you if they think something is suspicious – especially if it’s money-related.

4. keep an eye on them

Pay attention to what your kids do when they use the Internet and what sites they frequent. If you see them visiting suspicious websites, talk to them calmly like adults and teach them why it could be dangerous. Try not to overreact as that can cause kids to react badly and they may try to hide their browsing habits instead.

5. Post with caution

Postings can be deleted, but screenshots are forever. Remind your kids that whatever is put out there never really goes away and is subject to everyone’s scrutiny. Tell them to be mindful and post with caution, especially on social media.

The Internet is indeed wonderful, but it can also be a dangerous place for young children. As parents, our duty is to teach our kids how to use the Internet responsibly. We should not leave them vulnerable to online predators; instead, we should equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to make the best use of the Internet safely.

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